One of the most effective ways of teaching children is to teach them through example. What is said and taught in the classroom must be backed by concrete examples of how knowledge can be applied to daily life. Moreover, as our children grow, they look to others around them to inspire and encourage their spirit.
Our school recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. This celebration included special recognition of the accomplishments of all our alumni students and families. And as we move into our next 50 years we will continue to acknowledge the accomplishments of our alumni by recognizing the SJE “Alumnus of the Year” who will be an example to our students of someone who has been a life-long learner in the spirit of St. Paula Montal, and who has applied the principles of "to Live, to Love, to Learn, and to Leave a Legacy" since graduating from St. John Eudes School. And after 50 years of sending students into the world to apply the lessons learned at our school, there are many alumni who are wonderful examples of the spirit and essence of St. John Eudes.
Selection of the St. John Eudes School 2019 Alumnus of the Year
The Alumnus of the Year Selection Committee, headed by Mrs. Danowitz, is proud to announce the selection of Theresa “Reese” Abbene ’96 as the St. John Eudes School 2019 Alumnus of the Year. A number of fine candidates were considered by the Committee, all representing the wonderful spirit found in our graduates. The award will be formally presented at the upcoming St. John Eudes School Trustees Meeting on April 26.
Alumnus of the Year - Read Profiles

2007 - Dan Lien ’74

2008 - Paige Huff-Hemmis ’86

2009 - Sarah Connor ’81

2010 - Patricia De La Riva (’74)

2011 - Mark Gendernalik ’84

2012 - Kym Piekunka Raines ’83

2013 - Bonnie Mertus Gore ’80

2014 - Bryan Suttles (’86)
Sandra De La Riva Repede
2015 - Sandra De La Riva Repede (’75)

2016 - Jaclyn Beardsley Sutley ’02

2017 - Miguel Davalos ’85

2018 - Stephan Birgel ’82

2019 - Theresa Abbene ’96